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Northern Pakistan; The Unmatchable

Paradise is waking up in one of the valleys of Northern Pakistan. Believe us when we say that you’ve missed out if you haven’t traveled to the best destination of Pakistan yet which is the Northern part. There just can not be enough reasons to visit the northern areas on your next planned trip but we still have summarized a few on why it really is unmatchable for you to get up and book those tickets now.


Also known as Northern Pakistan, is blessed with major attractions making it a paradise for tourists both local and international. Everything there seems just so natural, untouched, and in its finest form. This is your ideal destination to cleanse your mind, soul and return to your home with a different healthier self.

Beautiful Lakes and Valleys


Northern Pakistan is blessed with the most magnificent lakes and valleys, some of them are 

    1. Dudipatsar Lake, situated at a higher altitude making it cold.
    2. Chitta Katha Lake, with incredible mountain views.
    3. Shandur Lake, situated in the pass that connects Gilgit and Chitral
    4. Ratti Gali Lake in Neelum Valley Kashmir
    5. Naltar Valley is known for its tasty potatoes and beautiful lakes.
    6. Saif ul Mulook is the most famous exotic lake for camping.


view of peak of a mountain and stars twinkling in the sky

Northern Pakistan is home to the largest peaks which at the start seem highly impossible to climb but once you start, you wouldn’t get enough of the beautiful view and just keep going and going. The Karakoram is the second highest mountain range and is definitely worth the try. K2 base camp is the most famous trekking camp with the most breathtaking scenery. So if you’re looking for some adventure don’t forget trekking as it is going to be one hell of a life-changing experience that you will never forget.



You can also take a Jeep Safari in Gilgit-Baltistan,  a cycling tour through The Karakoram Highway or the famous boat rides in one of the magical lakes located there. So what are you waiting for? Plan your visit now with CityWalk and have a spectacular experience exploring the northern areas.