mountains and land covered in snow

Best Destination for Daring Mountaineers

Did you know that trekking promotes cardiovascular health and reduces stress? It increases muscle endurance and is considered a cardio workout, as it improves your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. If you’re a hiker, trekker or even a beginner to get started and you’re looking for the best destination to pack your bags for, we got you.



Pakistan having  three great mountain ranges, with a natural environment and rugged landscape with streams and rivers makes it truly the ultimate destination for trekkers. The Karakoram being the second-highest range in the world has the greatest four peaks over 800m in altitude, one of them is K2 which is 8,611m. The scenery along the Karakoram range is absolutely beautiful and this range is heavily glaciated.

K2 Base Camp

people camping on mountain

One of the greatest treks to be known in the world is the K2 base camp with the greatest acclimatization and spectacular scenery which is not witnessed anywhere else around the world. The weather of the base camp remains negative throughout. You have to cross one of the largest glaciers called Baltoro Glacier during your trekking.

Snow Lake Trek

mountains and land covered in snow

 One of the most rewarding and challenging treks is the Snow Lake Trek. Located at the head of Biafo and Hispar Glaciers it is over 16km wide, 4800m above  sea level. Martin Convey was the first to explore this paradise in 1892. It receives small numbers of adventures and this is what makes you want to trek towards the less explored trek and enjoy the heavenly views. The journey towards this requires you to go through Skardu.

Karambar Lake

lake and mountain

Karambar Lake has an altitude of 4,304m, the highest lake in Pakistan and it is located in the remotest area making it untouched and unspoiled by people. You can take the Chitral route to complete your trek or by another mountain pass is the Darkot pass or Ishkoman Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan. This lake has one of the most stunning views to make you fall in love so get ready to trek this amazing lake with your friends and family.



There are so many more magnificent peaks that haven’t been explored yet, a lot more heavenly pieces waiting to be discovered and mesmerized by humans. So get your backpack ready and don’t forget to consider what you need to pack for your trekking trip. The weight of your bag varies from 15-20kg depending on your trek. Get prepared and have a safe trip!