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Gilgit-Baltistan; Your Next Vacation Destination

Foreigners from all over the world visit Gilgit-Baltistan to have a relaxing vacation every year. Here’s why they do so and why you have to put this place on your bucket list.

Incredible Glaciers

mountains covered in snow

There are about 7,000 breath-taking glaciers in Gilgit-Baltistan, The Baltoro Glacier is considered the longest glacier outside the polar region. Siachen Glacier is the second largest in the world.

Most Beautiful Lakes


Having more than 6,000 lakes, Gilgit-Baltistan really is special with beautiful views where you can have a relaxing alone time, cleansing your mind and soul. You can even take a boat ride along those lakes and feel nature, forgetting all your worries making it a memorable trip.

Top Hiking Trails

image of a mountains in Gilgit Pakistan

On your visit to Gilgit one thing, we can guarantee is that you will never struggle to find a hike that isn’t remarkable. The three biggest mountain ranges which are The Himalayas, The Karakoram, and The Hindu Kush have the most challenging treks but you’re rewarded with  spectacular views every step of your way. Surprising is that there are so many peaks still not conquered, who knows what you’ll discover on your trip.

Polo Festival

players riding horses and playing polo

Most favorite game, polo, is highly appreciated and Giglit has the highest polo ground in the world, definitely worth seeing. Whoever visits loves it so much that they definitely return after a couple of years to witness again.

Karakoram Highway


Drive through the highest paved highway in the world and enjoy the scenery along. It is considered to be the most adventurous road and it crosses the China border too.

Jeep Safari/Cycling Tour


You can have a tour through the highway by Jeep, cycling, or motorbike by taking a specific tour package. You will get to experience the culture and food which is going to be included in your package.



No matter how challenging your trip may be, the views will make it all worth it and you will not get bored for a single day during the rest of your trip. Also, here’s a quick week-long CityWalk’s travel guide to Gilgit, to make your trip more exciting!