Falconry and Hunting Exhibition in Doha

Just like all the other enthusiastic events that take place throughout the year in Doha, this year’s Falconry and Hunting Exhibition was a thrilling event that took place between 7-11 September. If you missed it this year, then don’t worry because events like this happen annually, and here are all the reasons why you should definitely take part in it next time.



The International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition by S’hail was launched for the 5th time, and this event is much-awaited by the people of Qatar who visit from different cities and as well as tourists from different countries come to attend as well.



This year 19 countries took part in the S’hail 2021 including France, Kuwait, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, the United States, Turkey, New Zealand, and Lebanon. The event featured about 160 international companies which were from 19 different countries around the globe. 



This exhibition is a treat for people who are into sports as falconry is a hunting sport that dates back to almost 5,000 years. It is a level of the playing field that gives you experience and makes you build a relationship with the animal which is truly spiritual. You get to see different species of Falcon. The exhibition is one of the largest ones that is specialized in numerous activities including falcons, like falcon auctions, and exhibitions.



This platform is not just for falcons, but it also serves as a platform to showcase the Qatari heritage and culture and provide information about the history of Qatari ancestors and their falconry and hunting. In this year’s exhibition the latest weapons were displayed and the best supplies for hunting and falconry by the international companies.


S’hail is a global marketing and economic platform, which is recognized for promoting the art of falconry and hunting. This was established in 2017 and will continue to prosper in the future. Find more on their website by clicking here.