Must-See Hot Air Balloon Festival, Doha

Looking forward to seeing Qatar from a breathtaking view?  Have an unbeatable experience with the Qatar Balloon Festival in Doha. Feel the freedom in the air while having spectacular views, have a fun time with your friends and families up in the sky, and get to witness the most beautiful sunrise. We promise once you experience this you will want to do it again.


This 11-day festival will start on November 1, 2021 where 30 balloons will be taking off from around the world. This festival will take place along with the Fifa Arab Cup, Qatar National Day, and Qatar International Food Festival. Enjoy the entertainment, music, and so much more at the same time.


There will be 3 types of Hot Air Balloon flights:


The balloons are inflated as the night sets in, and the city lights up in tune with the music. As everyone who has experienced this claims that no snap or video can do justice to the views this flight offers.

Sunrise Balloon Flight

 Hot air balloons during this take-off while the sunrise fill the sky with colors. The balloons fly in the sky for about 60 minutes or a minimum of 40 minutes.

Tethered Balloon Flights

During this, the balloons are tied by the rope to the ground to provide an experience of the ride and an opportunity to capture the beautiful moments.


Make sure to have this amazing experience wearing comfortable clothing and footwear. Children under the age of 8 will not be allowed to fly on these balloons. Your ride could be canceled or delayed and refunded if you wish if the weather is not suitable.

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