Ain Dubai

World’s largest observation wheel, Al Ain, is officially open!

This observation wheel has cabins that provide 360-degree views of Dubai, top from the waters of the Arabian Gulf. There are 48 luxurious cabins and the passengers can take up to 40 guests with them.



It takes 38 minutes for the wheel to complete one cycle which means that it’s steady. There was also a video that went viral to prove this when Sheikh Hamdan who’s the crown prince of Dubai perched on top of the cabin sipping on the drink in his hands.



It’s twice the height of the London Eye at over 250 meters. Building this wheel was an effort that took time and patience. More than 10 countries came together to build this. Netherlands, the UK, and France provided management expertise and engineering whereas Germany, South Korea, and UAE is where the steel structures of this wheel were produced.



Al Ain was built by the two largest cranes in the world and 11,200 tonnes of steel was used to build this which is more than what was used to build the Eiffel Tower. This is another attraction besides the many tourist spots in Dubai which will now attract thousands of tourists each year. 



Al Ain is located at the Bluewaters where the beautiful island meets the extraordinary lifestyle. Book your tickets to Dubai now and have the experience to chill out on the world’s largest observation wheel now.