Where to Witness the Best Fireworks for New Year 2023 in Dubai

Are you planning to spend the new year in one of the Asian countries? Why not Dubai? Many people travel there to welcome the new year especially. Bid a captivating farewell to the previous year and formally greet the new one with new aspirations.

Dubai is renowned for its spectacular fireworks displays, and the city goes all out on New Year’s Eve! We’ve included every venue to watch New Year’s Eve fireworks in Dubai for the year 2023 if you’re looking for the best places to see these spectacular, vibrant fireworks.

Best Place To Celebrate New Years' Eve In Dubai 2023

It is not surprising that travelers from all over the world flock to Dubai to ring in the new year. With its fantastic weather, an abundance of things to see and do, and rich cultural attractions, Dubai is the ideal place to welcome in the new year. Here are the best locations to be in Dubai as the clock strikes 12:00 in 2023.

1. Burj Khalifa

Go straight to Burj Khalifa to see Dubai’s magnificent fireworks display. Visitors are drawn to it because it is the tallest building in the world. People can watch spectacular fireworks shows on new year’s eve and participate in the countdown to the new year. The Burj Khalifa’s main attractions on December 31st night are spectacular fireworks, water shows, and eye-catching light displays. Without experiencing the breathtaking fireworks and water show at Burj Khalifa, a tourist’s vacation cannot be considered complete.

The majestic Burj Khalifa is the best place to view the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa New Year 2023 fireworks are the ideal option for those seeking to ring in the new year with a bang.

2. Palm Jumeirah

Watch the most impressive fireworks displays on Palm Jumeirah as part of the new year’s eve festivities. Visitors may view the breathtaking fireworks that light up the Dubai skyline from several of the hotels and restaurants in Palm Jumeirah. At night, the Palm Jumeirah will have performances by renowned artists, musical performances, and a spectacular display. To eat tasty foods on New Year’s Eve while admiring the beauty of the fireworks display, reserve a private table in the meantime. Visitors may enjoy a magnificent view of the fireworks display at Palm Jumeirah, which is designed to resemble a palm tree.

3. Jumeirah Beach

To witness the mesmerizing fireworks display, visit the most stunning Jumeirah beach. Bring a beach mat with you if you want to enjoy some fun times with your friends. Get to this beach as early as you can so you have room to breathe some fresh air. On one of Jumeirah’s public beaches, organize a wonderful picnic with your family to make it the finest party location. Most often, children have a great time in the evening at the inflatable water park. To experience the stunning fireworks display that lights up the night sky, reserve a table in advance.

4. Bluewaters Island

The best place to ring in the new year in style is Bluewaters Island, which offers amazing views of the city’s magnificent skyline. You can view Dubai’s fireworks from the Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai to Atlantis from the world’s biggest and tallest panoramic wheel. Earlier in the evening, take in the district’s spectacular views and sounds, which are amplified by the many places to eat along the shore and the pleasure for the whole family.

5. La Mer

Another great place to spend New Year’s Eve by the beach is La Mer. Visit La Mer if you want to celebrate the new year with your family. Enjoy some enjoyable outdoor activities this holiday evening. On the occasion of the new year, go to La Mer to have the most fun possible all day. Numerous water activities, beachside cottages, and more are available. Your kids may blast on the carnival rides, enjoy live entertainment, and have a great day with your friends. The amazing fireworks can be seen by the tourists after the clock strikes twelve.

6. Al Seef

One of the most exciting locations to visit in Dubai for the new year is Al Seef. Al Seef provides many celebratory activities for visitors, including distinctive live music, fantastic decor, outdoor live performances, a waterfront market, and much more. On New Year’s Eve, go to Al Seef in Dubai if you want to have a unique experience. Do not miss the spectacular fireworks display that starts at 12 pm on December 31.

7. Dubai Creek

On New Year’s Eve, Dubai Creek is among the most beautiful tourist spots. Dubai Creek provides visitors with a variety of entertainment alternatives, including breathtaking fireworks, a bottle of red wine, a delicious cake, and a beautiful sky. For a special new year’s eve celebration, board the Dubai Dinner Cruise. Experience a three-hour trip that departs from Dubai Creek. Get breathtaking sights as you gaze at the glistening skyline beneath the lovely moon and stars. One can enjoy breathtaking views of famous sights including the Old Souk, Grand Mosque, Old Boat Port, and even more while on the trip. The tourists can experience an incredible view of the fireworks display without any hindrances.

8. Dubai Fountain

Visit Dubai Fountain if you want to ring in the new year in style in Dubai. This fountain lake offers a spectacular water show, and there are bright lights all over the place. In addition, visitors can experience riding a traditional Abra Water Boat. Visitors can see a magnificent 900-foot-tall fountain here that shoots water. The greatest spot to ring in the new year in the UAE in 2023 is at the Dubai Fountain, which features spectacular live performances, music concerts, a rainbow of colors, and much more. The largest musical fountain in the world, Dubai Fountain offers visitors a breathtaking vista. Until the clock strikes twelve, all roads around this fountain become restricted so that people can see the stunning fireworks peacefully.


We wish our guide has provided sufficient information about the locations to explore in Dubai for the celebration of the new year. Keep checking our website for additional stories on new year’s eve, creative ways to celebrate the occasion, and much more.