Dubai Travel Guide: What To Do | Budget Tips

Dubai is an outstanding city renowned worldwide for its rich legacy and warm hospitality. It is a majestic oasis on the northern edge of the Arabian Peninsula and embraces the Persian Gulf. Every year, millions of travelers travel to Dubai, which frequently tops lists of locations to visit. White sand beaches, wide-ranging desert dunes, historic town quarters, some of the largest shopping malls in the world, thrilling theme parks, a variety of outdoor as well as adventure sports activities, magnificent skyscrapers, and more can all be found in Dubai, which is affectionately referred to as the “Playground of the Rich” and the “Las Vegas of the Middle East” by travelers.

The Reason for Visiting Dubai

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Dubai, once a tiny fishing village, has since developed into one of the most opulent locations on Earth. The city’s glamour and glamour entice with the promise to fascinate and wow its guests, earning it the nicknames “Las Vegas of the Middle East” and “playground for the rich.”


Dubai is home to magnificent buildings, sprawling sand dunes, gorgeous beaches, first-rate resorts, the biggest shopping mall in the world, and much more. Where else could you spend the morning at the beach, the afternoon skiing, and the evening viewing the sun go down over a vast desert? While there is no doubt no shortage of entertainment and excitement in the city, traveling can benefit greatly from some before planning. Throughout this Dubai travel guide, we’ll examine all the key sights, experiences, and monuments that contribute to Dubai’s popularity as one of the world’s top vacation spots. Here’s all you need to understand about enjoying the most of your Dubai trip, from travel advice and crucial logistics to major attractions and money-saving strategies.

Top 05 Dubai Activities


We are not exaggerating when we claim that something fresh appears in the city on a weekly basis or so. Dubai never stops surprising visitors and offers activities for people of all ages. There are more than 500 things that can be done in Dubai, but these are the top 05 must-see sights.

1. Burj Khalifa


Every traveler to Dubai has a bucket list item on their schedule: seeing the Burj Khalifa. You don’t get to observe the stunning Dubai skyline from the top of the highest structure every day. The Burj Khalifa adventure starts as soon as you enter the Dubai Mall, directly across from the food court. Seeing the Burj Khalifa is humbling because it almost looks to be penetrating the clouds and is noticeably taller than the other buildings in Dubai.

2. Dubai Frame


The Dubai Frame is Dubai’s newest trump card in its ongoing quest to be the city of superlatives. A remarkable architectural marvel, Dubai Frame is made up of two 150-meter-tall skyscrapers that are connected at the top by a 93-meter-long bridge, with a void rising in the middle from Dubai’s Zabeel Park. The Frame also referred to as the Frame of Dubai or Berwaz Dubai, was created to “frame” Dubai’s transformation from a simple fishing hamlet to the glistening, international city it is today. You can see Dubai’s past, present, and future all at once from the roof of Dubai Frame.

3. Dubai Safari Park


The Dubai Safari Park, a project started to replace Jumeirah Zoo, is a varied reserve covering a sizable 119 hectares. The park offers guests the exceptional opportunity to interact closely with hundreds of exotic creatures. There are about 2,500 animals living in the park, representing 250 different species. The park aims to mimic numerous natural habitats found all over the world, including those of lions, tigers, gazelles, rhinos, buffalo, leopards, flamingos, gorillas, monkeys, reptiles, and many more. By 2020, the park expects to have more than 5,000 animals, including 350 endangered species, with the addition of elephants, zebra, cheetahs, and other creatures.

4. Dubai Miracle Garden


A full-fledged paradise in a desert is uncommon, but Dubai, in all of its majestic glory, proudly displays the Dubai Miracle Garden, the biggest natural flower garden in the world. The Miracle Garden in Dubai appears to offer over 120 flower varieties, above and beyond the customary assortment of flowers and flowerbeds, including sunflowers, petunias, geraniums, and marigolds. These flowers are arranged in a variety of horizontal as well as vertical landscaping designs that range from quirky to elegant. This attraction, which draws over 1.5 million tourists annually, is ranked #26 out of the 353 things to do in Dubai.

5. Ski Dubai


Go to Ski Dubai, the UAE’s winter paradise, to escape the stifling heat of Dubai! See the region’s first indoor ski resort. Ski Dubai, which is housed in the Mall of the Emirates, has a remarkable 22,500 square meters that are perpetually coated in real snow. Snowboarders and skiers of all ability levels may enjoy the slopes thanks to the five runs that range in difficulty, height, and gradient. See the penguins, experience skiing and snowboarding, and much more.

Money Saving Tips

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Despite the UAE’s reputation to be among the most expensive vacation destinations in the world, there are a lot of ways to go there on a budget. There seem to be our top 5 suggestions for cutting costs in Dubai, from transportation ideas to savage summer deals.

1. Summertime travel


Dubai provides discounts and ludicrously fantastic summer specials if you can tolerate the heat. Dubai Parks and Resorts, a fun maze of theme parks, eateries, and shopping, frequently releases amazing summer discounts that almost halve prices. Also, you can anticipate paying less at hotels.

2. Take the metro

Refrain from using taxis and choose the metro instead. The city’s train system is ideal for traveling around because it is affordable and dependable. Even the Gold and VIP classes have free wifi! Depending on the distance traveled, a metro ride can cost anywhere from AED 1.80 dirhams (about $0.50) to AED 6.50 dirhams (about $1.80).

3. Visit the uncharged beaches


Dubai has a long coastline—more than 40 km—and many beaches. But, hotels and resorts have taken the majority of them, charging visitors to enter. However, there are still a lot of beaches that are totally free. Spend less and visit Umm Suqeim’s lovely Kite Beach. It is well-liked by families and offers a promenade, a variety of top-notch cafés, and a wide range of watersports services.

4. Make local purchases


You must practice your negotiating abilities in Dubai. Many traditional stores offering everything from pashminas to spices can be found along Dubai Creek. On either side of the creek, there are stores. Use an abra (a little Arabic boat) to cross for just one dirham.

5. Hop-on hop-off bus


On a hop-on-hop-off bus, you can see more while spending less. A ticket not only takes care of any and all your transportation needs, but it also comes with two boat excursions, three walking tours with a guide, and a number of special shopping discounts and incentives. With a 1-day or 2-day pass, you can hop between the city’s top attractions.

Wrapping Up

In Dubai, there are countless opportunities for a family to have a fantastic vacation. Go to Kite or Jumeirah Beach if you want to enjoy some beach time. Go to Yas Waterworld or Wild Wadi Waterpark if the kids like to splash about at a water park. How about sending your kids to the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo at Dubai Mall, the largest aquarium in the world? Nevertheless, if you’re looking for adventure, leave the city and go quad biking and sandboarding! In Dubai, keeping youngsters occupied is simple, and you’ll see why.