Best Beaches in Karachi to Visit this Summer

Sindh, a coastal city, is well known for its stunning combination of rocky and sandy beaches. Without dipping your toes in the chilly, calming water of Hawks Bay or Clifton beaches, a trip to the city isn’t complete. Here is our list of Karachi’s top beaches, which you should visit if you’ve never been to the city before. Before diving into the specifics, you should be aware that the city is overrun with numerous beaches, some of which have been set aside by private organizations and others that are open to the public.

Popular Karachi Beaches

When we discuss Karachi’s beaches, everyone immediately thinks about Clifton Beach, popularly known as Sea View. It denotes that it is one of Pakistan’s busiest beaches. However, if you enjoy exploring a little further, you may be aware of the pristine locations along the City of Lights’ coastline.


In light of this, we have the ideal list for you. Listed below are a few picnic spots in Karachi where you can base your weekend plans: 

  • Clifton Beach
  • Hawks Bay
  • Charna Island
  • Cape Monze 
  • French Beach
  • Manora 

Clifton Beach


Everyone in Karachi visits Sea View when they want to spend the day out. It was one of the most popular silver-sand beaches in the world before an oil spill event occurred there in early 2003. Even though swimming is not advised, it is nonetheless one of Karachi’s busiest beaches. Visit Clifton Beach on a day when you don’t have time to develop a detailed beach itinerary. The beach is crowded every day of the week and has many street food sellers for the locals. 

Hawks Bay


It sounds ideal to picture a calm day with blue skies, a turquoise ocean, and exotic turtles.  Well, Hawks Bay in Karachi is a sight to behold; you can simply arrange a day excursion there to take in the wonder of waves lapping against the coast. Additionally, the beach is known as the “Jewel of the Arabian Sea.” 


As a result of the numerous huts along the coast that have been owned by corporations, Hawks Bay is used for more than simply family picnics and company parties. If you’re unsure of how to get there, use Mauripur Road to travel there in a car or on public transportation. 


On top of that, some adventurers take it to a whole new level by riding a motorbike. The neighborhood is one of Karachi’s most inhabited, and the surrounding roads are well-paved. You don’t have to be concerned about getting lost or having a car problem.  Because of the exceptionally high tides during the height of the summer, it is advised to exercise extra caution while deciding whether to visit. 

Charna Island


Charna Island, a refuge for the nation’s threatened underwater species, comes next on our list of the most talked-about picnic areas in Karachi. The location, which is 7 km from the main city, is popular with divers, swimmers, and water sports lovers.  The 1.5 sq km-long island close to Karachi is well-known for cliff diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, and jet skiing. 


One of Karachi’s most beautiful beaches, the ocean surrounding the Island is home to a variety of underwater animals, as was previously reported. This is the ideal location for you if you appreciate the excitement and adventure that Charna Island has to offer. 

Cape Monze


Due to its remote location, Cape Mount Beach, also known as Cape Monze, is not your typical beach. It is close to Mubarak Village and just won a poll for one of the prettiest shorelines. The beach doesn’t have a lot of cottages available, but there are enough activities to keep guests busy all day long, so you might want to only plan a day trip rather than stay overnight. 

French Beach


French Beach, which is sandwiched between Hawks Bay Beach and Paradise Point Beach, is well known for its crystal-clear, pure waters. People can go swimming if they wish to because the water is so clear. The only method to get to French Beach is to reserve one of the nearby rental huts, which aren’t readily accessible to everyone. To discover a suitable location, you’ll need to put in a little work and do some digging. French Beach is the ideal location for those who want to engage in sports like scuba diving, surfing, sailing, and kayaking. 

Manora Beach


When discussing Karachi’s exotic beaches, one of the most frequently heard names is Manora Beach. Despite the frequent crowds, the beach’s overall appearance is gorgeous.  Manora Beach, which is reachable from Kemari Port and was once thought to be an island, is regarded as one of the greatest beaches in Karachi for summer picnics. Later investigations revealed that the area is a peninsula with strong connections to Hawks Bay and Sandspit Road.


There are several tiny islands and settlements along the beach. Not to mention that a historic Hindu temple from the nineteenth century is also close by. The lighthouse that was constructed in the British era is still one of Manora’s most distinguishing features. You may easily travel to the beach via car, ferry, or public transportation. 

Final Thoughts

We’ve included a list of some of Karachi’s most well-liked beaches in this blog. Russian Beach, Tushan Beach, and Turtle Beach are more well-known picnic spots for families and business travelers all year round in addition to the beaches featured in this article. Consider staying at a beachfront luxury hotel for a luxurious weekend break if you want to unwind with outstanding facilities.