All About Saiful Malook Lake

A Quick Overview:


Saiful Mulook is a mountain lake located in the Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, at the northernmost point of the Kaghan Valley. This lake is considered one of the highest in Pakistan, rising 3,224 meters above sea level.


Because of its ethereal beauty, this lake is home to many intriguing mysterious legends of fairies and princes. Nearly 300,000 years ago, during the Pleistocene Era, Saif ul Malook was formed. The melting water was pooled in a sizable depression wherever the glacier once existed as a result of rising temperatures and retreating glaciers.

Accessibility and Climate:


From May until mid-September, the summer season, when Jheel Saiful Malook is most accessible. These months continue to have excellent weather. However, access is restricted in the winter because of the risk of landslides and heavy snowfall cutting off the lake from surrounding areas.


The trek to the lake begins in Islamabad, the nation’s capital. From there, a traveler has the option of traveling privately or saving money by taking local transportation. By utilizing the Hazara Motorway, one can go to Mansehra City more quickly from Abbottabad.


The Naran-Babusar top road must be taken to reach the Naran Kaghan valley directly from the city of Mansehra via Balakot. After arriving in the Naran Valley, visitors have two options for visiting Saif ul Malook: an exhilarating climb or a 30-minute wild and winding jeep ride.



Lake Saiful Malook is regarded as one of the most stunning tourist destinations in the entire globe and has rendered many visitors speechless. The lake’s turquoise hues come from its abundant blue-green algal species and extensive ecological variety.


There are rumors that the lake’s depth has never been determined. It is said to be hidden in the powerful shadows of Malika Parbat. But according to the study, the lake’s depth is around 34 meters (113 feet), and its surface size is 2.75 km2. The lake’s water temperature is below 10 degrees because it mostly receives glacier water. The chilly waters of the Jheel are home to large brown trout.


This lake’s captivating appearance is not limited to the bright sunshine; it also strikes travelers as breathtaking at night. Since those who camp here at night have seen the milky way with its enormous number of stars, this location is associated with numerous fairy tales.

Legends related:


This lake’s history is intertwined with that of Ansoo Lake. According to legend, Saif ul Malook, a prince from Kaghan, fell in love with Badar Jamal, a fairy princess. The fairy princess was also in love with a demon by the name of Duo Safaid (White Giant), therefore their love tale was not simple.


She was trapped by Duo Safaid, but he later learned that she desired to wed Saif ul, Malook. Realizing his failure in love, he sobbed that a lake that is now called the Ansoo Lake was created. The magnificent Ansoo Lake can be reached after a strenuous seven to nine-hour hike from the Saif ul Malook Lake.

Activities at Lake Saiful Malook:


This location offers a wide range of activities in addition to its natural beauty. Water sports, glacier snow sliding, and horseback riding are all possible close to the lake.


The camping trip is an adventure. On their little wooden canoes, the villagers offer tourists boat rides on the lake’s ethereally blue waters. Anyone’s trip experience can be made more enjoyable by taking a short stroll around the lake while inhaling the delicious food vendor’s aromas. Several restaurants in the vicinity serve food from the region and have lovely lake views.


In addition to this, the area offers numerous caves that can be discovered after a short stroll. You can also walk to the captivating Ansoo Lake, which is only reportedly seen by a select few because it is frequently shrouded in fog and was only just found.