A Trip to Charna Island

When I first learned about scuba diving in Pakistan, I must say, I gasped. I was aware of Pakistan’s many attractions, but sea sports didn’t immediately come to mind. Travel destinations these days often appear attractive on social media, and this was no exception; during 2015 and 2016, a continuous trickle of images from an unremarkable island in the Arabian Sea appeared to filter into the news feed.


One of Pakistan’s most stunning islands is Charna Island. Visitors to the Island are the only ones who can truly describe its splendor. The most adventurous destination for travelers is Charna Island. There are countless ways to have fun as a result. In the small yet heavenly area of the world, there are several things to do. On the Island, you may do scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, taking underwater photos, fishing, and boating.


People dream of traveling to Charna Island to delight themselves. A secret location in the Arabian Sea is Charna Island. The best picnic spots in Karachi may be found here for trips to Charna Island for snorkeling and scuba diving. A natural setting with high mountains and crystal-clear water at Churna Island. The best picnic spots in Karachi are those where you can see beautiful natural settings.

Activities on Charna Island


The Charna Island tour’s list of things to do is provided below.

  • Scuba diving
  • Cliff divingSnorkeling
  • Underwater photographyBanana boat ride
  • Speed boat ride
  • Fishing
  • Jet skiing

Let’s take a quick look at a few of the things to do on the Charna Islands.

Scuba Diving


Scuba diving is a reason why people visit Charna Island. Karachi residents adore scuba diving. Karachi residents get a fantastic opportunity to explore marine life by diving through the Arabian Sea. Scuba diving is well-known on Charna Island.


The person with more courage won’t pass up this chance. Any adult can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to go scuba diving at the Charna Islands, which starts at $9,000 per person. Those who visit Churna Island but choose not to go scuba diving will regret it.


The fact that there are more jellyfish there in September and October is just another motivation to go scuba diving. Why do you need to wait? Prepare your bags for the interesting visit to Karachi’s stunning Churna Island.



Snorkeling is the funniest additional activity. Snorkeling used to be popular on Charna Island among those who are afraid of diving. It is a wonderful experience to use the stuff provided to swim on the earth’s surface. If you have the time, you must enjoy snorkeling there.

Banana Boating and Speed Boating

Children and families should go banana boating. Too many tourists find banana boating to be enjoyable. Another type of fun is taking in the scenery while engaging in a recreational activity.


Speed boating is another beautiful and exciting thing to do on the Island of Karachi. Teenagers should use this. They enjoy boating quickly. Following the boat’s passage, tides cause interesting phenomena. You’ll adore going fast there.

Location of Charna Island Karachi


The provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan are separated by the Hub River on the west side of Charna Island. In Mubarak Goth, Kemari is only 6 kilometers from Mubarak Village. There used to be fishing for fishermen. Using fishing boats will get you to the island. They are not particularly good, but they are tidy and clean.

Tell me now what prevents you from visiting one of Pakistan’s most stunning islands.