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What’s better about Travel Agents and Travel Websites?

A few years ago, if someone wanted to make travel arrangements, they would visit their local travel agency. The travelers would communicate their choices to the travel agent, who would then arrange hotel and transportation bookings on their behalf after doing some brainstorming and possibly perusing the travel agent’s catalogs. Nowadays, it’s more common for tourists to explore their travel destinations online before making their own reservations through a Travel Website.

Let’s discuss the benefits in more detail

What’s Better About Using A Travel Agent?

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The fact is that using a travel agent to make a reservation is not a bad idea and frequently makes sense.

1. Travel Agents are Skilled

Remember that ensuring that their clients’ trips are as perfect and wonderful as possible is the travel agent’s comprehensive job. They wish to be as informed as possible because of this, whether you work with a traditional travel agent that meets with you in person or a large agency that has a website to arrange your trip.


The travel agency will understand exactly where to direct you and who to deal with if you are traveling to a popular destination. Information may be rare and reliable vendors may be difficult to locate if you are traveling to an unfamiliar or exotic location, but an expert travel agent already has conducted the research and has gained experience.


To have the finest trip possible, this is why using a travel agent can be a fantastic option, particularly if you are a traveler who is less confident in their capacity to dig among ratings and testimonials online.

2. They have Access to Unpublished Fares & Discounts

Travel agencies have access to airline systems that are used behind the scenes, giving them access to last-minute sales and even cheaper prices than those available to the general public. In terms of hotels, they can reserve rooms at lesser rates through travel agents, who may also offer more bonuses and facilities.

3. Hotels might focus on you more

Priority was given to these visitors for complimentary improvements, early check-in, and hotel check. Additionally, they got exclusive welcome gifts. Because they want to keep the customer satisfied in order to maintain good connections with the travel agencies, as they bring in a lot of profitable business.


Although not every traveler who uses a travel agent will have the same experience, the basic idea should hold true. In addition, if the hotel doesn’t send you gifts, it can be the booking agent that does so as a “thank you” for using their services.

What’s Better About Booking Online?

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Forgoing a professional trip planner in favor of doing it own online has many benefits and is now much more practical for modern travelers.

1. Online Reservations provide Better Savings

Although we did mention that travel brokers have accessibility to unpublished rates and deals, owing to modern technology, hotels and airlines are frequently prepared to post unbelievable discounts online at any particular time.

The explanation is that by attracting the tourist away out from travel agents, they can earn more money as a commission isn’t required. For this reason, hotels will often match any other deal you discover and provide low-price assurances. Additionally, it explains why airlines engage in marketing and flash sales.


You can access any airline or lodging you can locate, whether it’s expensive or inexpensive when you book online.

2. You Can Get Free Travel by Using Your Rewards and Miles

You can receive reward tickets or accommodations and make sure you get the most out of your credits and miles by making your reservations online. Once you evaluate the bank card perks that are now available, this method has the potential to be extremely profitable. If you reserve four consecutive nights at a hotel using points, you may take advantage of schemes giving you the following night entirely free.

3. Additional Control over your Trip

While it’s a travel agent’s responsibility to advocate for you and ensure that you have a great vacation, the reality is that they can’t read your mind and can’t predict the way you like to trip. Yet you do, and the fact that you have everything planned out can show the difference.

Closing Up

According to a recent survey, 41% of travelers now prefer booking hotels through internet travel agencies or aggregators, while 29% book directly and 29% use traditional travel agents.
Now it’s easy for you to decide what to pick.