Top Best Tourist Spots To Relax in Pakistan

Pakistan is home to one of the highest peaks in the world like K2, consisting of 108 peaks which are above 6500 meters, Pakistan is open to tourists all around the world. Having thousands of places where you can relax and have an escape from your normal daily routine, CityWalk has gathered the best suggestions to make it easier for you to choose.

Astola Island

Astola Island is the best option if you’re looking to relax or looking for some serious adventures as this island has a lot to offer. Located at a significant distance from Karachi this island not only offers relaxing views but is also famous for scuba diving. The nature here can really bring peace to your mind with exotic white sand. The wildlife here is unexploited and the green turtles lay their eggs on this island.

Kalasha Valleys

These beautiful valleys are in the Hindu Kush near Chitral. Being home to the Kalash tribe this place is extremely mesmerizing with wonderful work of architecture and some nature as well of these valleys. People also visit this place to learn about the culture of the Kalash tribe which is so unique. The beauty of the meadows here can not be described.

Gorakh Hills

This is a Hill station in the Kirthar Mountains and is located near Karachi. It is over 1700 meters above and is a very famous tourist spot for people who are visiting or already in Karachi to witness the coldest temperature and some beautiful views and nature. Many people here set up camps or carry out activities like bonfires and bbq.


With the friendliest people you can ever meet, Skardu is not only famous for its hospitality but the views that this place offers are not any less. From gigantic mountains to turquoise lakes, this place truly has it all, could be better described as heaven on Earth. One of the most relaxing activities is to witness the sunset on the Indus river. No vacation is complete without a trip to Skardu.


Located in the Karakoram Range, Hunza is home to beautiful villages, stunning mountains, and the nicest people. You can never get bored here and everywhere you go is so mesmerizing to your eyes and mind as you’re going to see the most beautiful glaciers, orchards, meadows, and architecture. The majestic sunset at Duikar is to die for!