Top angle drone shot of Sea View Karachi

Perfect Restaurant Experience in Karachi

Be it street food or restaurant food, Karachi is a paradise for both with the ever-growing population and being the largest city in the country. The food in Karachi is a must-try and we’re going to share a list of the best restaurants to help you have a great food experience on your next visit.

1. Kolachi

image of a restaurant in Karachi

One of the best places to dine in Karachi with the view of Arabian sea, food served under the moon-light with a cold breeze touching your face after every second. The food offered here is very diverse with Chinese, Pakistani and western cuisine and taste is no doubt is delicious without feeling like you over ate or spent too much money on something that wasn’t worth it.

2. Clock Tower

clock tower restaurant in Karachi

Aesthetic ambiance, great service and food of which you’ll enjoy every single bite. The place is clean as one would like with a very friendly staff. This place is where you should go if you’re looking for a great family time or a romantic night out with your loved one.

3. Cafe Flo

chocolate cake and coffee

Offering a tasteful french cuisine, opened by a french countess, having a tiring day at work, Cafe Flo is where you should head to for a relaxing good time with a very calm ambiance and jazz playing in the background. You visit this place once and we guarantee that you’ll return soon.

4. Dhoraji Gola Ganda

gola ganda, pakistani version of icecream

Nothing better to beat Karachi’s heat with gola ganda from the famous street food of Karachi. No matter where you are, this is the most yum dessert you can ever try.

5. Xander’s

Xander's Product image

Delicious taste with courteous staff, Xanders is the most famous restaurant of Karachi, with almost everyone’s favorite go-to place. We can guarantee a good overall good experience and food quality with Xander’s as it never disappoints.