Latest travel information on UK & acceptance of Pakistan’s Covid Vaccination Certificates

On 4th October 2021, a new travel system came into force by the UK. Entry of travelers is now dependent on their vaccination status and now 50 countries are on the country’s red list. These numbers are expected to fall under 10 after the expected announcement on Thursday.



After Pakistan’s covid positivity rate being under 4% for a long time, Pakistan is making a lot of progress fighting this deadly virus. The British Government as a result will now be accepting Pakistan vaccination certificates. It was also confirmed by the UK high commissioner, Dr. Christian Turner, when speaking to the media that ‘Amber List’ will be completely removed allowing all the vaccinated individuals to enter.



The vaccines approved by the UK are:

  • AstraZeneca
  • Pfizer
  • Moderna
  • Janssen



Partially and fully vaccinated residents of the countries that are still not in the inbound policy will still have to take the PCR test before their flight, after arrival on the 2nd and 8th day. They will also have to quarantine for 20 days or get tested within 5 days to get released.



Secretary of state for transport, Mr. Shapps tweeted that will also be accepting UAE’s vaccination certificates from October 4, he also said that this is great news for reopening international travel that will reunite families and boost business as Britain is a travel hub and home to many expats.

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