Faisal Mosque, Islamabad

Hidden Places in Islamabad

Ready to explore some wild gems hidden in this capital city of Pakistan, rich with some enthralling beauty. Many people do not know about these places so get ready.

1. Neela Sandh

Water Lake around Islamabad city

On the outskirts of Pakistan, get excited to dive in these waterfalls in Neela Sandh. Two waterfalls gather up in a single reservoir where you can swim but make sure you take your life jacket with you. It’s located about a 50 minute drive from Islamabad which is nothing considering the magnificent view and adventure this place has to offer.

2. Shah Allah Ditta Caves

Wooden caves on Margalla Hits

Surrounded by a very peaceful green environment, these caves are hidden beneath the Margalla Hills. Reports say that these caves were used by Buddhist and Hindu monks. The houses here hold importance to the history and are considered to be of spiritual importance. The visit is also made special by having live musicians playing Qawali in the background.

3. Golra Sharif Museum

Golra Sharif Railway Station

Looking for an insightful visit with your family, this museum will be your most favorite and memorable visit. This railway station was established in 1882. You can see the railway system, old engines, and carriages. Although the station is still active for locals, the museum located there holds structures of immense importance.

4. Shahdara Village

Water lake around Islamabad

About 10km from Islamabad, this village is surrounded by mountains which makes it a breezy, cool and, calm corner. The best time to visit this place is Summer.  The fresh air here is unbeatable making it a perfect picnic spot for friends and families.

5. Nilan Bhotu valley

Margalla Hills

Situated in Margalla Hills, the freshwater streams here in the valley come from different springs from hills. There is a village nearby. With a lot of greenery, magical water, and fresh air it is a delight to spend some quality time here.