Dreamy Day Trips to Take in Paris

If you’re fancying an escape to the rich cultural attractions or natural beauty. Or if you’re planning to go beyond more than the famous and well-known crowded landmarks in this romantic city, here’s where you can plan your day trips.


This building is an example of classical French architecture, designed by Jules Hardouin, it is one of the most famous royal residencies which was transformed in 1682 by 36,000 laborers. One of the highlights of this is the Queen’s bedroom which is decorated. You can take an organized tour to visit this place as it is easily accessible by train from Paris. You get to learn a lot about the history and explore the exquisite gardens.

Loire Valley

If you love castles or always wanted to see one, this is a must-visit place for you to see. 2 hours away from Paris, this area is known for its famous wine production and its lively culture. It has many masterpieces to impress  visitors. You can explore it from the inside, climb the staircase and learn the history of this place and many more royal fortresses.

Giverny and Monet’s Gardens

A small village in Northern France, Giverny is 60 minutes from Paris. It is where the painter Claude Monet lived. He got famous due to his  water lily series. His gardens make a very enjoyable trip for the visitors with lively scenery. The Monet home is interesting as the interior is well maintained and decorated.


With marvelous architecture and thin fine streets, Bruges is located in neighbouring country Belgium, and is easily accessible by a 2.5-hour train ride. Or you can even take a properly organized tour to visit this place. Bruges is very attractive and pulls people to appreciate its architecture and beauty. Your trip would be incomplete without having a taste of the Belgium cuisine from the nearby restaurants.

Mont Saint-Michel

A great site on a rocky island to discover historic buildings and also an important pilgrimage site. With a low tide, you can take a walk on this mystic island and if you’re lucky enough you might stay for a night stay which will make your trip even more magical.